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MIR4 is a free-to-play open-world Asian fantasy MMORPG game that can be played on PC and mobile devices. It features numerous large-scale PvE and PvP battles between clans.

In addition, the game has an additional appeal by adding blockchain technology, thus combining it with NFTs. Users can mine Dark Steel to sell it for DRACO, the in-game cryptocurrency that has an accurate market value. The DRACO also allows players to move, store, trade, and purchase various items in and out of the game. In other words, the game is rooted in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, but it is not very decisive.

MIR4 is a game that differs from other NFT “games” that are based on the farm, such as Plants vs. Undead. With the price of DRACO falling, the game becomes less and less profitable. But it has the advantage of being attractive to users looking to have fun. This is one of the aspects that keep it within the 62 most popular titles on Steam.

MIR4 NFTs Characters


  • A strong fighter who annihilates his enemies swinging a greatsword like it weighs nothing.
  • Armed with an iron will and sturdy armor, this fighter always leads the battle.


  • A sorceress who destroys her enemies with the power of the elements.
  • Although she is very strong when fighting alone, she is much stronger when protected by her allies.


  • Seeker of truth who helps with spells and her swordsmanship.
  • His divine recovery ability allows him to overcome difficulties.


  • A tyrant in battle who cuts down his enemies with a long spear.
  • With a variety of abilities that attack and defend at the same time, he breaks the enemy’s formation and kills his target at all costs.


  • A hunter who takes down his enemies with an upgraded crossbow for a faster shot.
  • Freely switch between tracking and escaping and unleash a lethal barrage of arrows.

How do I get Draco?

Dark steel, an essential resource in the game since it works as a kind of “catalyst” in some functions of the game, can be melted into DRACO, which is the cryptocurrency that we can take out of a wallet or wallet to later exchange it for real money, which allows it to be stored or traded outside of the game. Conversely, DRACO can be traded back for Dark Steel for in-game use or purchased.

How to cast Draco in MIR4?

Step 1. Access the foundry

DRACO Semltery can be accessed through the NPC Jae Joman located in Bicheon Castle, or directly through the in-game menu (which is most common).

Smelting Dark Steel on DRACO

To cast Dark Steel into DRACO, you must possess Dark Steel equal to the sum of DERBY (Dark Steel Exchange Rate) + the casting fee of 1,000 Dark Steel per DRACO. Molten DRACO will automatically be stored in your WALLET linked to your game account (you can do it sooner or later, but it is best to link it first). Each character can make up to 100 DRACO per day. The results of the Dark Steel foundry will be sent to your inbox in an email.

Swap DRACO for Dark Steel

When exchanging DRACO for Dark Steel, you will receive Dark Steel according to the ratio marked by the DERBY per DRACO. To trade DRACO for Dark Steel, your total post-trade Dark Steel pool must be less than the character’s maximum storage limit. The results of the DRACO exchange will be sent via email to your inbox.

Step 3. Connect the WEMIX ID

The WEMIX ID must be linked to the game account to smelt Dark Steel through DRACO’s Smeltery, Proceed with the login credentials when the WEMIX ID login screen appears in the smelting process, exchange, or verification of fused DRACO in your wallet.

DERBY: is the exchange rate between 1 DRACO token and Dark Steel. The amount of Dark Steel received when exchanging DRACO for Dark Steel is based on the DERBY rate price of the day. However, the merging of Dark Steel into DRACO is subject to an additional fee of 1,000 Dark Steel per DRACO, which changes as the token is bought and sold.

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